Who am I?
A question, I’m sure, we all have probably asked ourselves at some point. To be honest, I’m not really sure. I know who I was before I started travelling. I was a kid that came from a broken home; who lived his teenage years in the gang filled areas of Oklahoma City. I was also the same kid that left at 18 to join the United States Marine Corps. The very same person who at 24, left the service, with an honorable discharge, and a piece of paper that said, “thanks for your service Sgt.Natale”, thinking I could do something, anything else. I’m currently 25 and still trying to figure it all out. Wandering from place to place to find my niche in the world. To try and sum it all up; I’m just another lost person in this world, but I chose to live out of a backpack to see the world and find myself in the process. Image result for who am i

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